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  • Wear VisorWrap® in multiple ways!

You’ve found the answer! No more bad hair days!

Welcome to the best head wrap that you will absolutely love!

In desperate need of a solution to bad hair days other than tired old bandanas and stiff baseball caps with limited color and pattern options, we created an attractive solution that is lightweight, stylish, versatile, functional and unique!

The VisorWrap™

VisorWrap is designed with a uniquely shaped visor that sets it apart from the rest. We use high quality 100 percent cotton material (unless otherwise stated) with stretch for a nice snug fit.

Yes, there are look-alikes surfacing on the internet these days such as visor bandanas, visor scarves and the like but do not be fooled! They are not VisorWraps!

Handmade Head Wraps

  1. Looks GREAT!
  2. Adjustable fit and can be worn 4 ways
  3. Ranges from Sports-Themed to Chic
  4. Unisex
  5. Wide range of patterns and designs
  6. Comes in Small, Medium (standard size), Large and Extra Large (coming soon).
  7. Limited quantities per color (if you like it, buy it).
  8. Comfortable flexible Visor (not super Hard)

Multiple Uses

  1. Great fashionable option for those suffering from medical conditions resulting in hair loss
  2. Great for Travel/Vacation
  3. Sports – gym, running, tennis, golf, volleyball, cycling, skating
  4. Beach/Pool
  5. Errands
  6. Motorcycling
  7. Outdoor concerts
  8. Gardening
  9. You name it!

Wear it multiple ways!